"ARM Developer Suite Version 1.2: AXD and armsd Debuggers Guide" http://www.arm.com/pdfs/DUI0066D_ADS1_2_AXD_armsd.pdf Shows memory state, with a bunch of Java code at 0x8000. This is the default place where memory maps start out. "ARM Strengthens Java Compilers" http://www.arm.com/miscPDFs/10069.pdf "Jazelle for Execution Environments" http://www.arm.com/pdfs/JazelleRCTWhitePaper_final1-0_.pdf r8: handler parameter r9: local variables and stack spill r10: constant pool of current class r14: return address "Arm (Advance RISC Machine)" http://www.cpe.ku.ac.th/~pom/courses/204521/report/2001/Jazelle.ppt "CoreSight ETM11 Technical Reference Manual" http://www.arm.com/pdfs/DDI0318B_coresight_etm11_r0p1_trm.pdf "On the Design of the Local Variable Cache in a Hardware Translation-Based Java Virtual Machine" http://www.u-aizu.ac.jp/~hitoshi/RESEARCH/lctes05_acm.ps "Accelerating to meet the challenges of embedded Java" http://www.jp.arm.com/document/whitepater/pdf/Jazelle_White_Paper.pdf r0-3: java stack cache r4: local0